Case Studies

Here are a selection of digital case studies that the BDA team have personally been involved with.”

Each case study outlines what the challenge was and then provides the high level strategy decided upon to address the challenge. The approach decided upon is explained and then the process deployed, outlined. The purpose of our doing this, is so that you can get an idea of how we have approached some of the client challenges posed to us. The case studies vary from us being asked to fix in mid-flight, the entire website of a Google Ad Words dependent security business (Razor Spike), and to so with the least possible site downtime. Another case study involves a magnificent country butchery (Broederstroom Butchery) whose website had not been properly maintained for years by its web administer and the upshot of this is that their online presence had been completely overtaken by their local and regional competitors. Then there’s the really interesting digital presence challenge posed by a strategic numerology business (365 Pin Code), who wanted their ground-breaking research to reach a well-educated, business-minded, critical thinking audience. An entrepreneurial boat company owner (Harties Cruise Boat) approach us to help him create a new website which would leverage SEO to target a very specific, well-heeled, market segment who only ever refer to these daily excursions as being on “cruise boats.” And if that’s not diverse enough, we had a retired legal eagle (Amoure Kleu) living in Australia, who is completely unknown in the author world yet who is determined to write a best-selling fantasy novel, instruct us to create an online presence for her through which she can showcase her initial work.

We help you to start your business right, and if you have an established business we’ll help you step it up a notch!


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Business Consulting

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Brand Strategy

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Digital Strategy

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Web Design & eCommerce

Your website is open all hours, it is your digital business card

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SEO & Hosting

93% of online experiences start with a search engine

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Social Media 

It’s all about human connection, it’s the heartbeat of Social Media.

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Great content answers customers questions and provides solutions for their needs.

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Design Services

You only have one chance to make a first impression count.

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