Expert SEO Content Writer

The skills of an Expert SEO Content Writer are vastly different from those of an Ordinary Website Content Writer

A professional or expert SEO content writer is a rare breed who specialises in unique website content writing. Those who really know what they are doing, invariably learned and honed their skill whilst working closely with an SEO expert. Chris Styles of The Best Digital Agency is an expert SEO content writer. Chris, who is scientifically trained, has developed this specific copywriting skill because he has worked closely with Glen Griffiths, an SEO expert with over 15 years’ experience. Glen understands exactly what needs to be done SEO wise to get your website super competitive in the online space. But, as Glen will remind every client he consults with, content is king.

Content powers SEO. Rubbish content = Rubbish SEO!

So here is the thing, and this is what you as a website owner need to know and remember: Glen, the ‘SEO specialist’ can only work his SEO back-end magic and apply his sough after craft, when he has brilliant front-end content to work with. That is where Chris, the ‘expert SEO content writer’ comes in. An online performance related symbiosis exists between the front-end (content) and back-end (SEO) of every website. Great front-end content written in the right way will always power great back-end SEO work and together they will deliver superb online results. Shocking content delivers shocking SEO results and ordinary content delivery ordinary results. That is why, if you are serious about getting your website to perform, rank high on Google, be competitive and get you interacting with the right clients, you cannot have just anybody wordsmithing its content.

Expert SEO Content Writer, Chris Styles, Best Digital Agency UK, website content writing

Expert SEO Content Writing is Part Art, Part Science

In the previous paragraph we used the word ‘wordsmithing’. Why? Because wordsmithing implies precision. This is where Chris’ scientific training comes to the fore. Having completed M.Sc. Degree level research, he understands know how to make what is complex, simple. He also knows how to convert technical speak into layman’s language such that the core or unique value proposition of the business or product is not lost. Importantly, because the ‘Google algorithm’ is forever changing, meaning that what worked fabulously six months ago is not working so well now, Chris and Glen are always experimenting with content and SEO. Therefore, when you consciously choose to work with The Best Digital Agency founded by Suzanne Styles, you are working with two experts who are obsessed with giving you a competitive edge content and SEO wise.

Expert SEO Content Writer, Chris Styles, Best Digital Agency UK, website content writing

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Expert SEO Content Writer, Chris Styles, Best Digital Agency UK, website content writing

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash