Coaching websites that Make Money

Cheap and Nasty Websites will cost you in the long run!

For just on three and a half years we hosted a life and business coaching talk radio show and the one thing literally every coach battled with, was finding a trusted digital service provider who understood how to create coaching websites that make money! Many coaches had been advised by friends to “just build your own site, it is so much cheaper” and had diligently set about doing this. To their credit, some had done a fair job and the general website, to the untrained eye, looked perfectly fine. What was tragic though, was when these sites were thoroughly analysed, they were so full of holes that they could never ever get off the ground let alone hit peak online performance levels. Coaches have egos and so deep down they desire for their websites to be right up there in the rankings, standing loud and proud. They want to be competing head-on with the best in the industry, yet they are not prepared to pay experts to help get them there. This amazes us because it is a Penny Wise, Pound Foolish strategy, hence Rule 5 immediately below.

Coaching websites that make money are:

  • Rule 1: Meticulous and Precisely set up.
  • Rule 2: Built using Top Premium Themes.
  • Rule 3: Devoid of Useless, Time-Wasting Freebies.
  • Rule 4: Wordsmithed for Intrigue and Conversions.
  • Rule 5: Created and Managed by Pros!

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RULE 1: If you think coaching websites that make money are simple online DIY packs, think again!

If you are serious about life and business success, you are actively encouraged to hire an experienced coach to give you the best performance bolstering advice, not so? They are brilliant coaches because they have spent thousands of hours learning and mastering their specific area of expertise. Why then would coaches, who are supposed to have an abundance mindset that embraces excellence and applauds expertise, build their own websites? The only reason they do this, is because they are broke and if they are broke and cannot pay for expertise, then they cannot be a great coach now can they? Shocking as this may be to say, thousands of coaches out there struggle terribly with confidence. They also do not have great money blueprints. The two negatives result in their not being able to command the fees they should, attracting skint clients who can’t pay, and the upshot of this is they cannot ever surround themselves with the expertise they really need to perform at high level in the online game. Uncomfortable Truth: coaching websites that make money are built and proactively managed by online experts; they are not online DIY packs. Just the initial set-up takes many hours. Website builders who simply could not care less, will just throw together the back end of your website and you will be none the wiser to this. Thing is, rushed messy work like this gets penalised by search engines and because the initial installation was not done with meticulous precision, your website will take forever to rank. The sites we at The Best Digital Agency build get superb SEO scores very quickly and rank very quickly too. Why? Because upfront, we do the hard yards for you set up wise. No short-cuts involved! Cheap and nasty website themes invariably also look awful on mobile phones and tablets because they have limited customisation capabilities. Hard Fact: if your site looks tacky you are telling the whole world that your business is tacky, and tacky businesses do not make money!

RULE 2: FREE themes are the arch nemesis of coaching websites that make money

Without doubt, the biggest website related error most coaches we have spoken to have made, was they had used free or cheap themes and not purchased premium themes like AVADA (Suzanne, founder of TBDA, is an AVADA whizz!). Know and remember this: when you choose to work with The Best Digital Agency, we only use premium themes. Free themes seem super easy and give you a sense that you are achieving much on-line. But, when you talk to a top SEO expert, like the one we have in our team, they will tell you that free themes limit what they can do SEO wise. This limited back-end capability mean your website forever stays in the sea of sameness along with tens of thousands of other non-ranking coaching websites. Coaching websites that make money demand a premium theme, a proper build, bespoke back-end SEO, and content that drives conversion! If you cannot pay for the pros, you are starting off on the wrong foot and fostering foolish online performance expectations.

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RULE 3: Freebies destroy coaching websites that make money

Many coaches are trying to hook clients and generate customer interest through freebies. Freebies attract people with an “I want everything for FREE” poverty consciousness mindset. They are the irritating, penny pinching, time wasters who love to keep you forever busy doing freebie type things that make you absolutely no money. Did you take that in coaches? You will be amazed to learn how many coaches struggle to say NO, again a confidence thing! Only once they have wasted hundreds if not thousands of precious hours on mindless, hopeless, coffee meetings with non-starter clients, do they end up learning how to say no to these time wasters. Back to freebies… Our radio show had us rubbing shoulders with the international gurus of the freebie world, celebrated experts who use freebies to drive their sales funnel strategies. Thing is, when you critically applied your mind and boiled down their freebie giveaway strategies (and freebie material) into practical nuts and bolts, the stuff they were passing on to you, was in fact, worthless. They were just baiting a hook with enough information (most of it being macro-level, massively superficial, repurposed-to-death stuff) to get you curious enough to want to bite. If you wanted the good stuff, then you had to pay. The Best Digital Agency does not subscribe to this way of doing business and views this as desperate and damaging brand and services promotion. If you desire to test drive an Aston Martin high performance sportscar, the dealership does not bring out an old bicycle for you to have a ride on first now do they? Coaching websites that make money should not have freebies, period. Their offer should be so compelling that there is no need to waste a client’s time with all this “here you go, please try this first” third-rate nonsense. Rather prequalify your ideal clients using great content.

RULE 4: Website content must drive SEO so use a Professional Wordsmith

Writing website content is an art, and there is a definite science to it too! If you think you can just willy-nilly throw your coaching material into the online pages you are wrong. SEO does not follow content. One of the most important things ever for you to know and remember when it comes to coaching websites that make money, is that content follows SEO. Your website material must be wordsmithed by a professional who gets this online concept. When great content is written in such a way that it powers SEO work, next level SEO optimisation and online peak performance is achieved. That is when your site races into the top tier rankings and importantly, it stays there! Sure, there are keywords, we understand this, but it is the placing of them in strategically significant and SEO relevant places, that really counts. This is only learned through much trial and error. That explains why at The Best Digital Agency, our SEO and Wordsmith experts work as one. And, because they are always busy with test-and-learn exercises to work out how to use words for even better rankings, you know that your site is in the hands of a dynamic, R&D driven team who are constantly searching for new competitive edges for our clients.

Conclusion: Coaching websites that make money and really get you into the game, require investment. Your can do it yourself (a bad choice because chances are high that you are website ignorant!) or you can do it with seasoned pros (a great choice because they are website savvy!). Choose wisely!

Chris and Suzanne Styles, TBDA, ICF Accredited Coaches