Numerology for Women


Numerology is considered by many to be a “woo-woo-pseudoscience” attracting the attention of those who are “away-with-the-fairies.” Sadly, this is not true. Applied research done over the past few years by 365 Pin Code has revealed mind-blowing results, especially for women. The challenge was to present this research in a way which would dramatically shift perceptions around numerology and practically address the personal and professional challenges of today’s modern women.


The online strategy was very clever and very simple. We decided to use a very clever website management technique which few people ever use, let alone know about. We built a Specialised Blog Category within the 365 Pin Code site, leveraging off the category “Numerology For Women” in terms of focused category-based SEO.


The applied research (i.e. well presented, detail-rich, blog articles) was clustered into a Numerology for Women Category created in the site. Those pieces of work which had practical value in terms of helping women make improved decisions, whether around daily living or which strategic direction to take, were headlined. New, engaging, female target market specific content was written for the category and superb, relevant, supporting images were chosen.

The Process

Content Curation · Category Presentation · Business Language · Targeted SEO