Harties Cruise Boat


During 2019 holiday and entertainment spend decreased and this downward trend continued into Q1 2020. This placed extreme pressure on all hospitality businesses operating in South Africa. The challenge was to come up with an innovative ideas to get more people booking family outing cruise boat rides on Hartbeespoort dam.


With South African’s having much less to spend on holidays and entertainment, staycations have become the norm. Thousands of people are now searching online for fun affordable things to do close to home. The digital strategy was simple: make dam cruises massively appealing to “The Staycationers” and market value-added packages (e.g. birthday specials) to help fill the boats.


Language: By talking to clients, we discovered that the words “cruise boat” are widely used by the client’s target market, yet not being leveraged SEO wise. This was a golden opportunity, hence the website name: Harties Cruise Boat. Talk to all ages and in a way which creates an instant desire to drop everything and go on a cruise. Connect them emotionally with what they’re missing out on if they don’t. Front-End: Easy-to-navigate, visually appealing website with great images of people, especially families, having fun. Back-End: Leverage area specific staycation CEO search words / phrases. Create an area specific dominant micro-network.

The Process

Innovative Thinking · Market Reach · Narrative Scripting · Vivid Design

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Rich Colorful Imagery Makes the Site Visually Appealing


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