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The website was old and had not been updated in years. The content was boring. The images were dated, and the site did not in any way accurately reflect the true nature of the business, which is a dynamic, country-style butchery specialising in superb cuts of meat and many brilliant meat products. To make matters worse, the website had been built using a “free, childlike theme” which did not help SEO wise, in fact, if anything, it hindered our doing any decent SEO on the site. A complete website rebuild was required. It needed to powerfully brand and position the business as being a highly innovative, entrepreneurial, customer centric operation.


Broederstroom Butchery has a wonderfully rich family history to it, yet this was a best kept secret. We decided to intelligently weave this dramatic family into the website content so that customers would connect, emotionally, with the success journey of this business. Many visually appealing photographs would be taken, not only of the meat products but of the team too. Afterall, what must always be remembered, is that this butchery is a people business! Website content would be written in such a way that it would enable local and regional SEO work. Relevant website categories would be created for ease of online searching.


The approach was to get very hands-on; to get inside the business and to fully understand what made it tick as this level of understanding would be critical when it came to content writing. Owner interviews would be conducted in order to ensure that the site was fully aligned with their larger overarching business strategic plan. Staff would be asked for their informed opinions on what works with client’s communication wise and why this is so. Competitor sites would be analysed to understand why they were doing “so much better” in certain market segments.

The Process

Storytelling · Rich Photographic Content · Sontent Marketing · SEO

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Broederstroom Country Butchery

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