Amoure Kleu Author


A retired legal expert who left South Africa and is now living in Australia, desired to pursue her dream, which is a to be a published bestselling fantasy author. When she approached us in Q2 2019, she had just begun to write her first novel, but had no online presence whatsoever. The real challenge was to brand her (as a fantasy writer!), to get her name out there online and to stir up interest around her and what she was up to.


The strategy was to build a site which was aligned in every way to fantasy writing. The logo design would also need to be very edgy and powerfully associate this writer with the world of fantasy fiction. Given that we had time on our side (i.e. the site didn’t have to literally “be delivered overnight”), very targeted SEO strategies were designed. It was agreed that an active blog (a minimum of one blog a week) was required in order to keep the site interesting, fresh and relevant, and of course, to help SEO wise and content is always king.


Amoure Kleu teamed up with experts (graphology, 365 pin code numerology etc.) who would help her to weave an additional level of extreme intrigue into her first novel. The expert blogs (e.g. detailed research articles which unravel the numerology of international bestselling authors) would also add much spice and intrigue to the site The site theme would be very futuristic in design and every blog article published would have supporting images in line with the overarching fantasy genre.

The Process

Brand Positioning · Logo Creation · Website Creation · Expert Contributors

fantasy author


We used fantasy imagery across the site and expert contributor blogs to enhance the genre of Amoure’s writing style and future novel

What the Client Said…

If anything confirmed that, it was that I was seated next to Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code at a friend’s 60th birthday party.  Long story short, after an eye-opening professional numerology reading, continued guidance and support, I realised I would need a website long before I publish my first novel.  After lots of brain storming, the Amoure Kleu Author website came to life.  What I most appreciated was the way Suzanne Styles “got” what I wanted to portray to the world at large.  With The Best Digital Agency’s management and support the website has broken some records and currently is performing beyond expectation Google locally in my native Australia and internationally based on my keyword requirements.  I highly recommend The Best Digital Agency if you are serious about your businesses digital image.

Amoure Kleu, Amoure Kleu Author