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All Fresh is a Deli Style bakery, fresh fruit and vegetable retail business which opened its doors in late 2018. Being a brand-new entrepreneurial start-up, meant it had no digital footprint whatsoever, no website, no Facebook page, no social media, no brand awareness, no established customer base, absolutely nothing. Anyone who has started a business from scratch, especially a food retail business, knows it costs a lot of money to get it up and running. Hence the challenge was to get the business fully functional in the online world and to do this rapidly. Top priority for the owners was to aggressively drive the brand and derive much needed income from this.


When absolutely nothing exists, the strategy needs to be simple and effective. First: we had to carefully identify to whom All Fresh would be selling their products. This would in turn inform the look and feel of the site and its content creation too. Second: we needed to be clear that this target market really wanted what All Fresh was selling (and they did!). The number one reason why most start-up companies fail is because there is no market need for what they offer. Third: be creative. We did not want their content to blend in with everything else’s. The way we wrote their content had to highlight their differentiation strategy (and it did!).


Using the Strategy, this happened action wise… Step 1: Build the website; Step 2: Write great content which helps drive initial SEO back-end work; Step 3: Leverage social media (Facebook, Google My Business, WhatsApp Group); Step 4: Branding awareness – let everyone know that All Fresh is open for business and that they stock fresh fruit and vegetables sourced directly from the market daily; Step 5: Value proposition positioning – let everyone know that All Fresh is in fact so much more than just a “fruit and veggie shop”, that it has a superb daily selection of prepared hot meals, a variety of fresh breads and rolls are baked daily and stocks many top-end local and international products (oils, flavourants, coffees, imported dry goods, vegan products, deli delights etc.). Step 6: Get feet through the door – curiosity! Step 7: Drive income.

The Process

Website Build · SEO Phase 1 · Google My Business · Facebook

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