365 Pin Code


365 Pin Code is a numerology enabled research and development business, which develops a tests predictive mathematical models in order to help people and businesses make better decisions. Most people perceive Numerology to be a “woo-woo-pseudoscience” which attracts those who are “away-with-the-fairies.” The challenge we faced was to name, brand and position this business online in a way which circumvented this thinking person’s pseudoscience paradigm, and, to then stimulate sufficient numerical curiosity that they would engage (even if sceptically so!) with the research findings and their personal and professional strategic relevance.


From the get-go, the brand and online strategy was crystal clear. The brand, the logo, the website design, the colours, the webpage content, the language used to engage visitors, the research articles, in other words absolutely everything about the online presence, would have an edgy, contemporary, research and scientific look and feel. This would, if you will, visually breakdown the preconceived notion that numerology sites are for those who do not understand, nor know how to apply, critical thinking skills. Well researched numerology case studies would be published weekly.


In the world of SEO, content is king. And that folks, is always the bottom line. An extremely demanding productivity target was set. This was to produce a minimum of one well researched [minimum of 1500 words], numerology-based case study per week. The piece of research had to provide interesting strategic insights and clearly reveal why numerology is a massively useful and practical intelligence tool. The name of the business had to stimulate thinking and curiosity and not be immediately cognitively linked with the discipline of numerology. R&D will always be the centrally connected focus.

The Process

Business Name · Website Design · Research and Development · SEO and Social Media

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Each well researched weekly blog helped drive the SEO, because relevant content is king!

What the Client Said…

I am first and foremost a Research Scientist who, given my extensive research training, specialises in Research and Development. The Best Digital Agency’s brief was to help me to come up a business name which would immediately elicit much intrigue, and, which would instantly explain what I am up to. Next they needed to help position my extensive R&D work online, and in such a way that it would attract the interest of leaders, thinkers, strategists, futurists, innovators, entrepreneurs, the shakers and movers of this world who are actively searching for ways to create quantum leaps in performance. They also needed to subtly brand me as a Master Numerologist whose work has both Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning relevance. Since the site launched, back in January 2018, they have fulfilled against my every desire and more. The SEO work especially has rocketed my work into pole position internationally, and branded me as a leader in the field of Applied Numerology. Now, when new international clients approach me, they do so in a manner which attests to their having respect both for my published work for what I do with numbers wise. I would never be where I am now were it not for the considerable online experience and intelligence which the The Best Digital Agency has provided me with.

Chris Styles, 365 Pin Code